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Leslie Johnson, Partner & Former Client

I bet you didn’t know Leslie was a former client! Leslie had a busy life as an attorney juggling kids, being involved in her community and running a law firm. She was subsisting on coffee and fumes before she came to Cambiati Wellness. She thought of herself as healthy and energetic, but definitely had a few bad habits.

Her business partner was showing up to work shrinking before her eyes with more energy that she had in years. Leslie was so intrigued with how much energy and weight loss that she had to know what she was doing. Heidi shared her Cambiati Wellness secret and Leslie signed up right away.

Of course, she wanted to do it with friends so, she convinced her daughter Julia to join with her. Julia had struggled with digestive issues for years and thought that she might really benefit from a Cambiati Wellness program. Her other daughter, Kersti also signed up too.

After doing a program, Leslie felt like a dense fog had been lifted and she was sharper than ever. She never thought of herself as needing energy or having brain fog, but was shocked that she could feel so much better. Now, she understood how people could say, “I never thought I felt bad until I felt so amazing with Cambiati Wellness.” It was a miraculous feeling!

Her daughters also discovered that their life long battles with bloating and digestive issues were resolved as well. It was an amazing family revelation and they remain “Cambiati Clean” with their eating habits.

Leslie holds a Juris Doctor from Berkley Law School & a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Stanford University. She is a founding partner at Timken Johnson LLP.

In just 28 days our clients:

“lost 30 pounds” -Gene

“lost 31 pounds” -Arlene

“lost 7 pounds of fat” -Antoniette

“lost 16 pounds” -Lisa

“lost 17 pounds” -Linda

“lost 10 pounds” -Julie

“lost 22 pounds” -Heidi (went on to lose 40 pounds)

“lost 12 pounds” -Laina

“lost 10.5 pounds, 1.5 inches off my waist and 3.5 inches off my hips” -Debby

“lost 11 pounds” -Anita

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  • Over 5,529 People Helped
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