This week we thought we’d break from the norm and bring you some something seasonal yet – gasp! – non-food oriented. Local lifestyle expert Walker helped us put together some pretty awesome tips on how to put together a beautiful (and easy!) fall table centerpiece.

First, consider your “building materials.” Ann recommends different autumnal fruits and vegetables, like acorn squash, pumpkins, gourds, pears, persimmons, oranges and different types of nuts (like brazil or walnuts). Vary the size and type to keep it interesting and repeat them a few times throughout.

She also recommends incorporating other natural elements like fall leaves, acorns, chunks of wood or even individual flowers or small floral arrangements. Insider tip: to intersperse individual flowers in your tablescape, use a floral vial to keep the blooms fresh all day and night. You can also grab tiny pinecones or green boughs from your backyard (or a friendly neighbor’s!). Look for interesting staging pieces to create mood. Try a table runner, slab of wood, a pewter platter or a wooden cutting board.

Next, think about scale. Not too big, not too small, though make it significant in relation to whatever else will be on your table. Before you get started, look at your table and consider where table settings will be, as well as glasses and serving dishes (if they’ll need table real estate too). Don’t forget to consider height as well as width. Put your elbow on the table and never go higher than that, otherwise guests will lose sight of each other across the table.

Once you’re ready to being building, start at the center and work out, rather than from one side and the other. Consider your masterpiece from all sides. Ann recommends starting high and tapering down to the sides. And don’t arrange too much – you don’t want your piece to look too stilted. When it comes to the smaller pieces (think leaves or nuts), you can even toss them so it doesn’t look too stuffy. Intersperse with an odd number of low candles down the center.

Do “fall colors” matter much? Ann says no -she says to focus on the colors in the room and on the dishes you’ll be using, and think about what colors would mesh well. The feel matters more than the colors – though for fall, she does recommend avoiding shiny and sparkly elements and instead recommends looking for more subdued and natural pieces.

That’s all, folks! Do you have any special tips for fall decorating or entertaining? Leave them in the comments below!