Mango Peach Fish Oil


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The Omega-3s found in fish oil are essential to help maintain essential fatty acids in our body. They support heart health, boost the immune system and make skin and hair glow and shine. We recommend fish oils regularly because many people don’t get enough of these fatty acids through diet alone. But no one likes a fishy fish oil. Our team tested out Designs for Health’s OmegAvail Smoothie in the Mango Peach flavor, with high hopes. This product has high-quality fish oil that is manufactured using technology that makes the fish oil molecules smaller, which allows for better absorption and digestion. The “smoothie” texture is a great option for kids and is an amazing substitute for those that find it difficult to swallow pills, though we did find it had a bit of a fruity-fishy aftertaste. Adding a fish oil supplement is an excellent addition to round out your nutrition routine, but we have some other options we would recommend over this one.