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McKenna Williams

McKenna Williams was born and raised in the East Bay. She grew up dancing competitively for 18 years and spent a year at a dance conservatory in Pennsylvania. McKenna became inspired about understanding proper nutrition when she saw the lack of healthy eating habits in the dance community. Many of her peers suffered from disordered eating, whether it was binge eating or overexercising, and McKenna started to become passionate about using food as fuel. She also became very passionate about nutrition as medicine for mental health. She realized food could be used not only to fuel your muscles, but to strengthen your mind. McKenna has suffered from anxiety her entire life and through nutrition she has been able to become more balanced.

McKenna returned to the Bay Area to finish college at St. Mary’s to study Kinesiology. She completely fell in love with hot yoga and found it to be very therapeutic for her body and mind. In 2016, McKenna became certified as yoga teacher. She recently graduated from college and teaches hot yoga at CorePower. When McKenna isn’t dancing and teaching yoga, she loves spending time with her pets and hiking.

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