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Melissa Murphy Weight Loss Cambiati Wellness Lafayette

Melissa Murphy, CambiatiCoach & Mentor

Cambiati Wellness changed my life!

Before I came to Cambiati Wellness I was a professional dieter.  Over the last three DECADES (yes…30+ years)I became a connoisseur and participant in whatever the latest diet du jour was at the time.  Calories were counted, points added and deducted, packets of horrible processed foods consumed and even batches of cabbage soup were guzzled for breakfast, lunch and dinner (remember that crazy fad?!).  Not only was I not successful in reaching and maintaining my weight goals, I just felt awful!

Thankfully, the madness stopped the day I walked into Cambiati Wellness in 2010.  My third and final child was 9 months old, those final stubborn pounds of baby weight refused to leave my body, I was beyond exhausted and I just wanted to somehow feel like “me” again.  After completing my first 28-Day Cleanse back in 2010, the dieting yo-yo madness that I had for over three decades had finally stopped and I felt fantastic!

I learned to eat clean, beautiful, real food…and lots of it!  I had tons of energy, felt fantastic and wasn’t hungry.  During this process, a mind shift occurred for me that is borderline miraculous.  I eat in order to feel good versus being obsessed about a silly number on the scale.  And once that happened, the extra bonus of losing weight was just the icing on the cake (no pun intended!)  So, after 6 years of being a devoted Cambiati client, I have turned my passion into my job!

As a Nutrition Coach I am passionate about helping busy moms change their lives and keep their families healthy.

Melissa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from UC Santa Barbara.  Former 6 year Cambiati client turned Cambiati Nutrition Coach.  Most importantly, CEO of Murphy Inc. which includes four amazing employees…Shannon (husband/co-founder) and kids Tyler, Dylan and Devyn.

Outside of her family, Melissa has a passion for fashion and tennis!  In her spare time you can find her leaping across a tennis court while channeling her sports idol, Serena Williams.  She not only loves tennis for the sport, but loves a cute tennis outfit!

In just 28 days our clients:

“lost 30 pounds” -Gene

“lost 31 pounds” -Arlene

“lost 7 pounds of fat” -Antoniette

“lost 16 pounds” -Lisa

“lost 17 pounds” -Linda

“lost 10 pounds” -Julie

“lost 22 pounds” -Heidi (went on to lose 40 pounds)

“lost 12 pounds” -Laina

“lost 10.5 pounds, 1.5 inches off my waist and 3.5 inches off my hips” -Debby

“lost 11 pounds” -Anita

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Numbers that Make Sense


  • Over 5,529 People Helped
  • Average 8 pounds F-A-T loss in 28 days
  • 100% Success body composition change in 28 days

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