It’s inevitable that every once in a while, life calls for a celebratory drink- whether it’s a birthday, a family party, or a night out with friends its important to enjoy yourself instead of depriving. For a special occasion, there are several steps you can follow to ensure you’ll not only feel a whole lot better in the morning but also so you don’t feel guilty about enjoying yourself. Life is about enjoying yourself after all! Check out our tips below for the next time you hit the town for a drink or two:

  1. Stay hydrated- many people choose to have a glass of water in between drinks to avoid a hangover. Before a night out, don’t forget to drink extra water, tea, and hydrating coconut water.
  2. Load up on nutrient rich foods the day of your big night out. Protein and fat digest slower in the body, which will slow how fast the alcohol enters your blood. High fiber carbs like quinoa, brown rice, and sweet potatoes will also help keep you fuller longer. Try eating a filling meal like chicken, veggies, brown rice, and avocado before heading out to combat any negative effects from the alcohol and to help you avoid late night munchies. Adding 2 teaspoons of DigestionPlus to your morning shake or water, or snacking on a high fiber snack are also great options.
  3. Detox Support Packets– Take 2 packs per day, 1 in the morning and before bed. This will help your body release any potential toxins from a night out
  4. Start the morning after off with some detoxifying warm water with lemon slices or ginger tea to soothe an upset stomach
  5. Eggs have been named one of the best hangover foods, so in case you find yourself not feeling too hot after a night out the amino acids in eggs help break down alcohol

So which drink choice is the safest bet? Red wine, vodka, and tequila are your best bet. Its best to avoid alcohols high in sugar like champagne, white wine, hard ciders, and beer. For mixed drinks stay clear of syrups, sodas, and fruit juice. Your liver will thank you if you stick with sparkling water, fresh lemon or lime juice, stevia or xylitol, coconut milk, or coconut water, herbs to flavor.