We’re super excited to share the story of Miriam and Keith, an awesome couple we had the pleasure of working with who totally transformed their relationship to food, their overall health, and even each other. They are a shining example of how far you can come by implementing the recommendations we lay out for ultimate wellness.

Miriam had fatigue, anxiety and unrelenting digestive and “stomach” issues–you know, the whole IBS deal where she felt like whatever she ate caused problems, like bloating, gas, major discomfort–with seemingly no rhyme or reason. She had been on a long journey for answers, including with a variety of doctors and practitioners, but long-term success didn’t stick. With our team of nutritionists and dietitians, we knew we could help.

Keith came in initially to support Miriam, and didn’t realize he had his own health challenges and was heading toward a health crisis himself. We helped him uncover the causes of his GERD, pain and unwanted weight, and resolve his diverticulitis flare-ups. “I didn’t realize how miserable I was,” he said.

Fast forward 6 months, and they are down a whopping 59.5 pounds combined! They have more energy and stamina, are pain-free and feel healthier than they ever have. Their health challenges have drastically improved and they find our Cambiati Clean way of eating to be sustainable and enjoyable. They agreed that working with a nutritionist helped make things clearer and pulled the whole program together for them, so they knew what they were doing every step of the journey.

So what did they do? They both did various testing we recommended: Miriam took our GI Map gut testing and did the MRT LEAP food sensitivity testing, and Keith did the GI Map and some blood tests to focus in on his cardiovascular health and thyroid function. Based on their health histories, symptoms and results of their tests, we put them each on a diet and lifestyle protocol for clearing up their respective health challenges, like IBS and GERD/acid reflux. They dove in headfirst and never looked back. They supported each other, used our nutritionists as resources, and reached out when they needed to. In turn, they came back with successes at each visit, feeling motivated to continue.

Check out their video below to hear their stories in their own words. It is truly inspiring. If they can do it, so can you, and as Keith says, “Don’t wait! Do it now!”