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Want to launch into Big Health

in 2021?

Join the Myth-Busting Health Summit!

These So-Called “Healthy Habits” Could Be Sabotaging Your Success.

We can all agree 2020 was a year during which we let a lot go, including ourselves.

We were stuck inside, many of us bored and stressed, our gyms were closed, some of us lost motivation…we couldn’t see our friends and family, but the fridge was always in arm’s reach to comfort and soothe. You’re here so we know that 2021 is the year that you want to make a change. Here are some key steps for moving forward armed with the RIGHT information.

1. Commit to Yourself & to Being Open to New Inspiration.

Do you want to step into a new vision for yourself in 2021 but feel confused about how to get healthy? Do you feel now is the time to shed the weight, the boredom, and the disconnect from 2020? Are you ready to be an active participant in your own life? If the answer is yes, you won’t want to miss this wellness summit, These So-Called “Healthy Habits” Could Be Sabotaging Your Success.

Get Accountability & Support.

We’ll give you the tools, are you going to tend the garden? You will likely unlearn some old information and that will take time to unravel and forge a new path. We’ll give you some great first steps, and it’s up to you to take consistent action over time to see long-lasting results. If you need ongoing support and accountability, let’s talk. We offer many realms of support, and are here to help!

Get Super Focused.

It’s time to get crystal clear on some foundational pieces to support radiant health. We’re so thrilled to bring you the foremost experts in their fields (ranging from fitness and nutrition to self care and stress management) to help you begin the process of reinventing yourself. We’ll give you actionable tools to take small, attainable daily steps toward getting healthier, happier and fitter. Let us guide you toward reaching for your highest, healthiest vision for yourself. All you have to do is tune in!

You won’t want to miss our Myth-Busting Health Summit: These So-Called “Healthy Habits” Could be Sabotaging Your Success. This is unlike anything you’ve heard before. We don’t subscribe to traditional weight loss recommendations, like counting calories or points, weighing yourself daily or sacrificing your favorite foods. More is not necessarily better. You actually might be able to put in less effort and achieve more results. You’ll get jam-packed information with our top tips on how to boost your immune system naturally, up-level your fitness capacity, increase endurance and strength, lose weight effortlessly and with ease, reduce cravings, get better sleep, and build better habits that stick.

Learn how to

  • Stop following the fads and start getting results
  • Discover what common “healthy” mistakes people make that cause them to gain weight
  • How these common herbs can actually be harming your healthy + how to boost your immune system naturally
  • Stop wasting time—learn how you might be exercising longer and harder than you need to 

The Speakers

Rebecca Walker MBA, CNC,

Rebecca Walker MBA, CNC,

Managing Partner

Cambiati Wellness’ Managing Partner runs the business operations and meets with clients for their initial breakthrough sessions. She healed her own health issues by overhauling her diet and lifestyle, and is passionate about supporting others in their own journeys. In her spare time, she studies neuroscience, plays soccer, travels and seeks an adrenaline rush via various adventures!
Leanne Fuller

Leanne Fuller

LeAnne Fuller began her career with The Perfect Workout as a Personal Trainer working with 100s of clients over the years. LeAnne has implemented a slow-motion strength training method and seen amazing results throughout the years. She’s even been able to keep up with her workouts during rehabilitation from outside injuries.





Christina Alba

Christina Alba

Dr. Christina Alba is a family wellness chiropractor who loves helping moms and kids of all ages achieve their spinal health goals. Her practice is welcoming, engaging and results-driven.

Sarah Wayne

Sarah Wayne

Sarah is highly experienced and gifted with a deep awareness of the many paths to create harmony and healing. As a certified nutritionist, intuitive energy healer, and mindset strategist, she guides people to discover their unique path to heal their body, master their mind, and step into their higher purpose.

Carine Camara

Carine Camara

Carine Camara is an intuitive guide, acupuncturist, energy medicine practitioner, and the Host of the Infinite Love Podcast. Her mission is to help people heal. Carine’s offerings/services are a unique blend of intuitive and energetic healing, practical science, and care. 

Rebecca Sgambati

Rebecca Sgambati

As a former college athlete, engineer, and corporate executive, Rebecca has been leading, coaching, and motivating individuals and teams to feel their best each day for more than 24 years. She helps them access and activate their strengths and desires to help them achieve stress, pain, and insomnia relief.  Rebecca believes that “when you feel good, you live better.”  

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