We’re all about solutions! Whether they are for health, weight loss, or pen on your favorite outfit. Here at Cambiati Wellness Programs, we have discovered one of the greatest fixes to a common household catastrophe.

Recently, we hIMG_2621ave suffered a terrible tragedy of drying our one-of-a-kind Cambiati tablecloths with an uncapped, blue ballpoint pen. *gasp* Imagine, a pure white tablecloth being scribbled all over while tossed around in a dryer. I know, it’s still traumatic to even write about after the incident, but this just must be shared.

You can only imagine the horror of opening up the dryer and seeing the final product of the blue pen’s work of art. In great disgust, one of Cambiati’s coaches, Rebecca, rushed the tablecloth to the dry cleaner in a desperate act to fix this ghastly disaster. When she arrived to tell him the news, he replied, “Pen marks? No, we can’t get that out.”IMG_2617

When all else failed, Google to the rescue!! It turns out that HAND SANITIZER IS A MIRACLE! THAT’S IT! With a little bit of muscle and the ridges on their index and middle fingers, the hand sanitizer was a success! It took 3 hours because that’s how much pen was on the tablecloth, but it is perfection now!

Our hands were raw but the Cambiati team was able to bring their beloved tablecloth back to its untainted, white color. Therefore, the tip of this month is with any pen mark, use hand sanitizer! It’ll do the job any dry cleaners couldn’t!