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Is it hot in here?

Frustrated with perimenopause symptoms and need solutions?

  • Frustrated, depressed, angry, that your metabolism has come to a screeching halt?
  • Nervous your hot flash will hit you at the most inappropriate time?
  • Wondering why one minute you are happy as can be and the next you want to scream at everyone?
  • Exhausted and wondering if you will ever have energy again?
  • Has your appetite suddenly felt out of control

My Metabolism is at a Complete Standstill! 

Literally, overnight!, I (Melissa) remember the exact time in my life when my metabolism started to change. There I was on a typical Friday night at my son’s post-game pizza party, chowing down on pizza and glass of beer. Everything was business as usual until I had the most sleepless night of my life and then woke up the next morning so bloated that I thought someone stuck a water balloon in my pajamas. At first I ignored the symptoms but then after a few more Friday night events, my skinny jeans were begging for mercy as I tried to stuff myself into them. What was going on?  I wasn’t eating any differently than in the past, but my clothes were getting tighter and tighter. I finally realized that the dreaded P word was happening to me and it didn’t stand for pizza. It was perimenopause! I simply could not eat whatever I wanted anymore. My metabolism was slowing down. Panic set in. What do I do, where do I go and what am I going to eat?  Luckily, I found Cambiati Wellness and they helped me answer all these questions and more. Cambiati Wellness gave me all the support I needed and lifelong tools to not only manage perimenopause but change my life forever with a whole new nutritional lifestyle. I now eat tons of gorgeous, real, whole food.  And guess what?  I now feel the best I have in years!

Sound familiar to anyone out there? Well ladies, never fear, the Girlfriends Guide to Perimenopause is here! Keep reading to find out how to feel like “you” again!  The only “flash” in your life will be that flashy smile you will wear once again after you have found how to get your metabolism back in action.  It’s time to take the fear out of the word perimenopause and take control again of our health and start feeling good!

Is the Air Conditioner On In Here? Are You Sure? 

So there you are, dressed in your favorite outfit and having a great time with your friends at dinner and then BAM…the always unexpected hot flash hits you like a freight train. You try to finish your meal but then realize sweat may be dripping down your face and into your bowl of pasta. Guess what?  Food and beverages can actually trigger hot flashes. That bowl of pasta maybe a food that you are intolerant too which will create unwanted symptoms such as hot flashes, or any other number of things.  Cambiati Wellness taught me how to detoxify and cleanse my body in order to determine which foods I am intolerant to that trigger those unwanted hot flashes.  Now I can wear that silk blouse with confidence knowing I am going to stay dry as a cucumber.

From Snow White to Voldemort In 30 Seconds Or Less:Perimenopause Symptoms Solutions

Sick of being happy as can be one minute and then morphing into crazy land the next?  I felt so out of control with my emotions. Could my hormones be that angry at me to cause me this pain?  What I learned was that they weren’t necessarily mad at me, they were imbalanced (thank goodness because I still had an angry husband to apologize to for my cranky behavior earlier that morning).  Apparently my weekly pizza and beer ritual was not helping my mood swings either.  Cambiati Wellness taught me how to eat hormonally balanced meals which not only kept Voldemort locked away but left me feeling full and satiated.

Can I Supersize My Order? 

Where did this hunger monster come from suddenly?  Do you feel like you could eat everything in site?  I sure did and nothing kept me full.  So there I was eating a ton of food, still hungry and gaining weight. This triple play quickly led me down the road of anger and depression.  I then suffered through not eating enough which only resulted me in continue to gain weight and screw up metabolism.  I was desperate and did not know what to do.  I am so grateful the day I walked into Cambiati Wellness because through their programs, they taught me how to eat the right foods which filled me up and left me feeling fantastic!  I was in shock that by just shifting what I ate could make such a difference.  My friends can’t believe how full my plate is when we go out to dinner.  Picture a dinner plate full of gorgeous, wholesome colorful foods that not only have me feeling fantastic but they are what my body needs!  What a concept!  To fuel your body with the foods it needs and desires.  And guess what else happened?  I lost weight and it was actually easy.  If you want to get off that hamster wheel of eating too much of the wrong foods and still feeling deprived, then sign up for a Cambiati class and find out what is yummy and healthy for your body

Sleep? What’s That?

I have always had a difficult time sleeping so my lack of sleep has always been “normal” for me.  This lack of sleep, however started to catch up with me and I was dragging.  I could barely keep my eyes open during the day and the level of concentrating started dwindling. What was happening to me?  Enter hormones stage left.  Hormonal changes in your body can interfere with your sleep.  Excess estrogen can be the culprit which causes irritability, tension, and trouble falling asleep.

Hormones weren’t the only culprit to interrupting my sleep.  My iPhone and iPad were not helping!  Apparently checking my Facebook late night and sleeping with my devices, yes, they sleep with me sometimes, has a huge effect on my sleep.

Cambiati Wellness will teach you why these things happen and give you tips and tricks to do that will have you flying off to dreamland in no time.  to get into a new bedtime routine that will send you off into dreamland.  One of the top results our clients reveal after completing one of our programs is that they are sleeping better than ever!

Are You Ready for a Change?

Are you wanting to let go of the fear and frustration that comes with perimenopause symptoms?  Needing to talk with someone one on one who can also tap into the emotional aspects of going through perimenopause?  Cambiati Wellness is the place for you!  Not only do we have comprehensive, healing nutrition programs, we also have an amazing Mindset Healer on staff.  If you are feeling emotionally drained, lost and overwhelmed, you need to book an appointment with Sarah immediately.  She will help guide you through any obstacles or challenges you are facing.


So, you’re sick of dealing with perimenopause weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes and insomnia – What’s Next?


They Change Their Lives, and You Can Too


I love the Cambiati Wellness programs. I came in with a plan to lose weight, change my eating & balance my hormones. I feel better, lost 15 lbs. & eat balanced meals. It’s a well rounded program with great support.” -Lydia

Cambiati Wellness helped me learn how to eat a hormonally-balanced meal.  I’ve had amazing & healthy results!  In 28 days I lost 9 lbs and 7 lbs of that was fat.  My body fat % went from 29% to 24% during the program and has dropped to 23% a month after the program along with losing another 5 lbs since.  I used to get 1-9 migraines a month.  When I was on the program, I did not experience any migraines.  The dizzy spells I was experiencing on a daily basis prior to the program are definitely gone along with the joint pains.  Besides finally learning what and when to eat the proper foods, the best results I personally experienced from the Cambiati program was finally getting off of my high-blood pressure medication which I was taking for 6 years!” -Antoinette

“I know I’m living clean so I don’t beat up myself for eating horribly like I used to. My cravings have gone down and I’m ok with my habits. If you have any habits that you know are bad, this program will help you build better, healthy habits.” -Robin 

Cambiati Wellness is not a fad diet, but a way to eat healthy and hormonally balanced meals if you’ve gotten off track.” -Olivia