Beautiful plus size woman temptating with pastry isolatedLike every good American, you stuffed your face today and are now looking for your friendliest elastic waist pants and wishing today had never happened… that’s what the Pilgrims did, right?

Too much wine, stuffing, pumpkin pie, rolls, and everything else we stuff ourselves at the Thanksgiving table with can leave us feeling like we need a new word for full. And more than that, we’re sluggish, tired, bloated and hungover. But before you start the pity party, we have a plan to help you feel better tomorrow and get back to feeling like your wonderful, sparkly self. Here are 7 tips to feel better, stat!

1. If you boozed up, it’s time to get down with the H20. For all the non-chemistry buffs out there, we’re talking about water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

2. Eating 2 days worth of food at one meal stresses the digestive system (to say the least). Did you know the average American consumes over 4,000 calories on Thanksgiving?

Got some icky acid reflux goin’ on? Go drink some PaleoGreens. If you’re away from your stash, try 2-3 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed into a glass of water to naturally combat indigestion.

3. Tomorrow morning, even though you’ll want to just whimper on the couch and binge-watch Netflix ’til your eyeballs fall out, dig deep and resist! Drink some (more) water, put those stretchy pants back on, and head outside for some fresh air. Bonus points if you work up a sweat!

4. Be your own guardian angel and get any “dangerous” leftovers (ie, the stuff you can’t keep your hands off that leaves you feeling icky) out of the house early. As in now and not just when the container is empty. Remember: Thanksgiving is a holi-day, not a holi-week.

5. Tomorrow morning: non-negotiable, start with a protein breakfast! Your favorite protein shake, eggs, turkey – whatever. It’ll help you resist the one-way ticket to a sugar crash (temptingly disguised as leftover pecan pie). And don’t forget about green veggies! If you want to enjoy leftovers – fine! Just measure the stuffing or sweet potatoes and enjoy it in balance with your other macronutrients. Part of the plate. Not the whole plate. And if you’re not enjoying it 110%, just skip it. It’s not worth it.

6. Secret weapon: Detox Support Packs. Take one packet tonight, and repeat tomorrow morning. Trust us. Don’t save them just for when you’re cleansing – they’re even more helpful when you’re hurting.

Want an A+ for Thanksgiving Recovery? Give your liver some good, good lovin’ with good ol’ fashioned PaleoCleanse. Throw a scoop into your shake and pat yourself on the back for taking good care of your insides. (You can also do this for the next few days if you’re still feeling icky.)

7. And last but not least — we’re here if you need us. If you really “went for it” (wink, wink) at Thanksgiving and are worried how you’ll get through the jolliest season without feeling like Santa Claus, just give us a ring at 925-280-4442 or email us at

What are your favorite tips for getting back on track after indulging over the holidays? Share in the comments!