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  • Carb-Lipo Control (formerly ProtectZyme) - PTZ060

    Carb-Lipo Control (formerly ProtectZyme) by Designs for Health

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    Carb-Lipo Control by Designs for Health helps support a healthy body composition by reducing the digestion and absorption of starch and fats. It includes CQR300 and Glutalytic to assist in breaking down hard-to-digest proteins like gluten, dairy, soy, and eggs. Additionally, betaine hydrochloride aids in protein digestion and nutrient absorption, promoting overall well-being.

  • Senolytic Synergy Designs for Health

    Senolytic Synergy by Designs for Health

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    Senolytic Synergy (60 capsules) is specially crafted to boost cellular health and promote healthy aging. Its unique blend of research-backed ingredients helps combat cellular aging by supporting the clearance of senescent cells and maintaining a healthy inflammatory response. With each two-capsule serving offering 200 mg of curcuminoid powder (as Curcumin C3 Complex), quercetin, and red grape powder (as Vinia), alongside 100 mg each of fisetin and Senactiv, it’s a comprehensive solution for vitality and longevity.

  • Designs for Sport

    Designs for Sport, Adrenal Flow

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    Designs for Sports Adrenal Flow is a harmonious blend designed to potentially support adrenal well-being, elevate your vitality and balanced cortisol metabolism.

  • NeuroCalm 60 Designs for Health

    NeuroCalm by Designs for Health

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    NeuroCalm (60 capsules) is designed to promote the activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and serotonin, which may help support healthy moods, cravings, and feelings of calm, satiety, and satisfaction. NeuroCalm contains PharmaGABA®, a form of GABA naturally manufactured through a fermentation process, which is considered more effective than chemically produced synthetic forms.

  • Vitamin D Synergy 120 Capsules by Designs for Health

    Vitamin D Synergy (120 caps) by Designs for Health

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    Vitamin D Synergy 120 capsules

  • Hemp Oil

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    A dietary oral supplement with 100% hemp extract derived from the stalks and stems of the plant. The oil is flavored with natural citrus oils for a refreshing taste. According to PrimeMyBody, the Nano-Enhanced hemp oil is absorbed in the blood “in amounts three times as great at half the dose of the leading pharma brand” leading to efficient delivery and immediate results

  • Osteoben by Designs for Health

    Osteoben by Designs for Health

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    Osteoben 120 capsules

  • Vitamin D Supreme (30) by Designs for Health

    Vitamin D Supreme (30 caps) by Designs for Health

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    Vitamin D Supreme (30 capsules) delivers beneficial doses of vitamin D3 and vitamin K (K1 and K2 [as MK-4]), along with geranylgeraniol (GG), a naturally occurring substance, to support optimal bone and arterial health while balancing the immune system. This formula is particularly beneficial for individuals lacking sufficient sun exposure or dietary sources of these vitamins. Vitamins D and K synergistically work together, meaning that increasing vitamin D levels also increases the need for vitamin K.

  • Arthroben Unflavored/ Unsweetened by Designs for Health

    Arthroben (Unflavored/Unsweetened) by Designs for Health

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    Arthroben (Unflavored 330 g (11.6 oz) powder) is a highly absorbable powder designed to support healthy connective tissue and joint mobility. This formula features the patented collagen peptides Fortigel and Tendoforte that have been shown in studies to support joint function and promote tendon and ligament strength. Arthroben also includes a proprietary blend of standardized extracts from Chinese skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) and cutch tree (Acacia catechu) to promote a normal inflammatory response, and it may help protect connective tissue from the damaging effects of free radicals.

  • Inositol 120 capsules 900 mg Designs for Health

    Inositol (120 caps) by Designs for Health

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    Inositol 120 capsules 900 mg contains 900 mg of myo-inositol per 1-capsule serving, making it a convenient supplement for supporting overall health and wellness. Inositol promotes the proper metabolism of serotonin, helping to balance mood and support overall relaxation. Inositol is also critical for nerve signaling, fat metabolism, hormone health, and blood sugar metabolism. Whether taken during the day to support a positive mental outlook and healthy response to stressors, or at night to promote more restful sleep, Designs for Health’s Inositol capsules deliver versatile support for optimal health and well-being.


  • Ultra B12-Folate 90 Designs for Health

    Ultra B12-Folate by Designs for Health

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    Ultra B12-Folate (90 capsules) is an exceptional formula that blends vitamin B12 (cobalamin) with the patented folate derivative, Quatrefolic®. These two vitamins work together to enhance methylation and support balanced concentrations of homocysteine. Designs for Health’s formula provides the convenience of obtaining both B vitamins in a single capsule.

  • GlucoSupreme Herbal Designs for Health

    GlucoSupreme Herbal by Designs for Health

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    GlucoSupreme Herbal (120 capsules) Experience the power of GlucoSupreme™ Herbal, a carefully crafted formula designed to support your body’s natural blood sugar regulation and metabolic function. Our unique blend includes berberine, known for its ability to promote healthy blood glucose metabolism and cardiovascular health. Combined with fenugreek, American ginseng, cinnamon, and other extracts, GlucoSupreme™ Herbal aids in glucose uptake, fat metabolism, insulin utilization, and optimal pancreatic function. With clinically relevant amounts of key nutrients, this supplement is your ally in maintaining healthy glucose metabolism, supporting your overall metabolic health, and promoting a balanced inflammatory response.