Is it hard to get the greens you know you should?
Do you struggle to give your family the nutrients they need and wish there was an easier way? If you’re like the majority of Americans, you’re likely not consuming the fruits and vegetables you need for optimal health. White potatoes account for half of the vegetables consumed, as if French fries were a vegetable!
We know it’s not easy to get all those great veggies into your diet–but PaleoGreens™ make it easy to get your greens plus they taste great!

So why are we so gaga for greens?
Human beings evolved eating a certain diet for millions of years, one high in alkaline plant foods phytonutrients and low in acid forming foods like dairy, corn-fed animals, salt, soda and sugar, which unfortunately make up the majority of the modern diet today. Our physiology cannot function properly when given the wrong fuel, and this nutrient deficient modern diet is linked with the increased rates of osteoporosis, immune dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, cancer and degenerative disease.
We don’t just love the idea of getting more greens, we love how it makes us feel! You and the whole family can now enjoy the benefits that come with PaleoGreens, like sustained energy, mental clarify and enhanced recovery. And not only that, but PaleoGreens makes it easy to increase our intake of health promoting nutrients from vegetables and greens plus amazing grass.

Why do we recommend PaleoGreens over every other brand of greens out there?
Unlike most other greens out there, PaleoGreens contains over 90% organic fruits, vegetables and greens plus amazing grass. It is produced in a meticulous way that protects and preserves the special nutrient and enzymatic integrity through cool processing. On top of that, you get a wide variety of carefully freeze dried fruits and veggies (including nutrient dense sea veggies like spirulina and chlorella) that helps cover your phytonutrient bases for the day.
It’s completely (and naturally) gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. PaleoGreens contains zero cheap fillers or bulking agents, which dilute potency and are a potential source of genetically modified ingredients. PaleoGreens is also completely free of alfalfa, which is an ingredient in all other leading brands of greens and is proven to aggravate autoimmune disorders.

High quality PaleoGreens is a great addition to any modern diet.
PaleoGreens taste great with no added sugar, and comes in 3 delicious flavors: Lemon Lime, Mint or Unflavored. We love our greens added to cold water or shakes, and can be made according to your own taste. Some people even like to throw some in their protein shake, and it tastes great mixed with PaleoReds and/or C+BioFizz, too!
It’s never been easier to boost your health with vegetables and greens plus amazing grass. Just 2 teaspoons of PaleoGreens delivers the phytonutrient equivalent to 4 servings of vegetables!

You’ll love how you feel once you start your greens!

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