Keeping your mouth healthy to keep your whole body healthy


Is oral health important?

Oral health provides a window into the health of the whole body. In fact, poor oral health is associated with several poor health outcomes including systemic inflammation, impaired cardiovascular health, gut health, and cognitive health. These far-reaching effects on our overall heath are surprising for many of us. In this article we will expand on the importance of oral health and strategies for improving our overall health by focusing on it. We will expand on the standard suggestions of brushing and flossing and address other methods such as oil pulling with coconut oil.


Oral health isn’t just about a darling smile.

Scientists are discovering new links between bacteria in the mouth and the cardiovascular system. Some evidence suggests that gum inflammation may contribute to systemic inflammation. This could potentially have an impact on cardiovascular and brain health.

Bacteria in the mouth also affects the microbes in your gut. This makes sense because the mouth is the beginning of your digestive tract. What happens at the start of this process affects everything that follows it. Microbes that are inflaming gum tissue are mixing with our food and traveling to our intestines which may burden one’s immune system particularly if one is already dealing with other health issues.

The connection between oral health and mental health goes both ways. Oral can improve mental health and mental health can cause people to take better care or their oral health. People with mental health conditions can neglect their oral health. One study found that for patients with depression the risk of losing all of ones teeth is as high as 30%.

Good oral health can also boost ones confidence about appearance and fresh breath can promote a feeling of assuredness in social situations. The reduction of systemic inflammation is also associated with mood benefits.

Many factors influence your oral health. Some are obvious, like your oral hygiene routine, but the influence of others can be more subtle. Some surprising things that impact oral health include hormones, digestive issues, some medications, and even genetics.


Approaches to Improving Oral Health

Because it is a systemic issue, optimizing your oral health moves beyond conscientious brushing and flossing – although that’s obviously the foundation. Here are some additional tips for better oral health.

Use oil pulling with coconut oil. Many people have found this method to improve oral health and reduce stains on teeth. As an alternative to oil pulling with coconut oil you can use PerioPull, a product designed by nutrition scientists to be more effective than oil pulling with coconut oil alone. We will talk more about that later.

Rinse your mouth out after eating. This simple tip can remove some food lodged between teeth that can trigger the growth of microbes in your mouth.

Take oral probiotics. This approach works by promoting the balance of good bacteria in your mouth, which may be helpful for bad breath.

Scrape your tongue. This is a simple step that goes a long way in improving bad breath. That film on your tongue is composed of dead cells and food particles. Scraping your tongue may even improve your sense of taste. Many people find that it supports a feeling of overall cleanliness and fresh breath.



Products that may support you:

As an alternative to oil pulling with coconut oil, we find that the product Periopull offers benefits beyond oil pulling with coconut oil alone. It features MCT oil to promote microbial balance, bromelain to support oral cleanliness, and CoQ10 to support gum health. It is available in spearmint or lemon for long-lasting fresh breath. It is a poplular choice because it tastes better than oil pulling with coconut oil and offers additional benefits.


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