Annatto-E GG by Designs for Health


Annatto-E GG is a unique combination of potent patented extracts from the annatto tree. A pure tocotrienol (T3), tocopherol-free mixture is included in the form of DeltaGold and geranylgeraniol (GG) in the form of GG-Gold. One bottle includes 60 sotftgels total, 150 mg dosage.


Are you looking for a supplement that includes multiple, but potent benefits one can get from the annatto tree? What about aging and cardiovascular support? Including T3 and GG in patented formulations, Annatto-E GG a unique two-fold supplement that provides support for healthy aging, cellular energy generation, and maintenance of muscle and bone mass during aging. T3 supports cardiovascular health by influencing health cholesterol and triglyceride levels and promoting a healthy inflammatory response. GG supports healthy aging as it replenishes GG stores that are drained by the aging process and cholesterol and osteoporosis medications.

DeltaGold (patented T3) is formulated from American River Nutrition located in Hadley, Massachusetts 3. It is the only tocotrienol formula produced in the US, being manufactured in a GMP facility with FDA and Health Canada accreditation. DeltaGold is composed of delta and gamma-tocotrienols compared to other supplements that contain mostly alpha-tocotrienol and virtually no tocopherols. GG-Gold (patented GG) is also formulated by American River Nutrition.