Berb-Evail by Designs for Health


Berb-Evail utilizes plant alkaloid berberine (Berberis aristate) for the primary purpose of supporting healthy blood sugar and enhancing insulin sensitivity in addition to yielding antimicrobial properties. This supplement has been manufactuared using Designs for Health Evail technology which improves the absorption, delivery, and overall bioavailability of berberine. One bottle has 60 softgels total.


Are you suffering from diabetes or going through treatment? Are you being treated for an imbalanced gut flora? Berb-Evail offers 400mg of pure, potent, and bioavailable berberine for diabetic and gut flora support. This is accomplished as this supplement can have a beneficial impact on blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity which may improve dyslipidemia and features of metabolic syndrome.

Berberine is a compound found in common botanical and Chinese medicine plants such as: goldenseal, Oregon grape, barberry, and of course B. aristate. This compound has become increasingly popular as a natural, but powerful remedy for healthy blood glucose and insulin levels that avoids the common side-affects from diabetic medications.

Berberine has many mechanisms by which it works its magic, but one strong mechanism is limiting blood glucose by inhibiting carbohydrate enzymes in the small intestine. This leads to less absorption of digested glucose sugars and therefore lower blood glucose levels. In addition, studies have shown berberine to support liver health by avoiding statin drug side-affects, improving cholesterol and triglycerides, proving protective effects, and reduce fibrosis.

Berb-Evail utilizes Evail Designs for Health technology that aids in the delivery of berberine and bioavailability. Evail includes a blend of MCT oils, non-soy derived lecithin, and vitamin E.