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Cocommune Bars (Chocolate & Coconut, Box of 18)


Cocommune Bars – Case of 18

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Gut and immune support, in the form of a delicious treat?

Cocommune™ bars taste just like a Mounds bar—but better! The dark chocolate coating and moist coconut filling are actually packed with nutrients (unlike the Mounds bar). Cocommune bars were actually created for people with IBS, and contain a special combination of prebiotic fibers to support bowel health, immune function, mineral absorption and balance of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Not surprisingly, they containhealthy fats from coconut, which is burned quickly by your body rather than being stored as fat. Coconut oil supports the immune system and contains 50% lauric acid which has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Try them, and be amazed! The whole family will love Cocommune Bars.


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