Colon Rx by Designs for Health


Colon Rx is a colon cleansing product that can be used for short periods of time as a fast-acting laxative or colon cleanser or as a long term bowel tonic. Colon Rx has a hybrid clinical effect that makes it the ultimate colon-cleansing product from Designs for Health. One bottle contains a total of 60 capsules.


Don’t be shy! You change the oil in your car – why not give your colon some love? Whether you are looking for a daily colon cleansing product or something just “once in a while,” ColonRx is a great choice for a colon cleanser.

ColonRx is a powerful yet gentle colon cleanse product from Designs for Health. ColonRx can be used both as a short-term, natural laxative, or as a daily colon cleanser and detoxifier that helps to enhance and tonify the gastrointestinal system. What makes it a unique colon cleanser is that it not only improves bowel motility, but also promotes immune function and provides the body with antioxidants.

ColonRx contains a proven combination of ingredients: Magnesium hydroxide and triphala. Magnesium hydroxide is a widely used and well-known ingredient for a colon cleansing product, and helps improve bowel motility by drawing water to the intestines, softening and bulking up the stools. This is a great ingredient for a colon cleanser because it not only helps motility but also promotes stool with normal consistency.

Triphala, the other ingredient in ColonRx, is one of the most extensively used ingredients in Ayurvedic medicine for overall gastrointestinal health. In addition to being an excellent colon cleanser, it is a strong antioxidant that also promotes easy bowel function and constipation relief. Triphala is a combination of 3 fruits: amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki, used for centuries in Ayurvedic approaches. ColonRx doesn’t just help encourage bowel movements, but is a colon cleansing product that also supplies the body with beneficial nutrients.

Due to the addition of triphala, ColonRx is a rejuvenating colon cleansing product that also supports immune function. In fact, amalaki is a strong antioxidant that contains 20 times more Vitamin C than orange juice! ColonRx also helps to tonify the gastrointestinal system, helping to tighten and tone the colon. This colon cleansing product also helps to eliminate surplus mucous from the system and balance the body.

Don’t settle for a harsh, low-quality colon cleanser! Designs for Health has combined special ingredients into the best colon cleanser on the market. If you are looking for a colon cleansing product that not only helps with regular bowel movements, but also provides your body with powerful antioxidants, then ColonRx is the colon cleanser for you.

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