Complete Mineral Complex by Designs for Health


Experience optimal mineral absorption with Complete Mineral Complex (90 capsules), the ideal choice for targeted mineral replenishment. This iron-free supplement contains Albion Advanced Nutrition’s finest chelated minerals to support optimal bioavailability and utilization. From calcium to zinc, the comprehensive blend of essential minerals and trace minerals ensures that your body receives the nutrients it needs to function at its best. 


Complete Mineral Complex is a premium mineral supplement designed for optimal absorption and utilization. This iron-free formula contains a comprehensive blend of essential minerals and trace minerals that support proper mineral status, making it an excellent choice for daily maintenance.

This supplement can also be used for targeted mineral replenishment in cases of known deficiencies or after medical treatments that may deplete mineral status. Minerals play a vital role as enzyme cofactors in biochemical reactions and physiological processes throughout the body. Without an adequate supply of essential minerals, virtually no system in the body can function optimally.

Unfortunately, mineral insufficiency or depletion can occur due to a poor diet, certain medications like diuretics, heavy metal chelation therapy, and malabsorption issues. Complete Mineral Complex offers essential minerals in their chelated form, enabling enhanced bioavailability and absorption. Through chelation, inorganic compounds such as minerals bind with organic compounds to become more absorbable and readily available for use by the body. Incorporating Complete Mineral Complex into your daily regimen can help support optimal mineral status, promote overall health, and improve the efficiency of bodily functions.

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