Designs for Sport, Glutamine Powder


Designs for Sport’s Glutamine Powder is a top-tier supplement, promoting digestive and immune health while fueling muscle growth and strength for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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Designs for Sport, Glutamine Powder is great for fitness enthusiast! Glutamine powder is a premium source of the amino acid L-glutamine, known for its role in promoting the well-being of the immune system and digestive tract. Within the digestive system, Glutamine plays a part in fostering the healthy function of mucosal cells, aiding the body’s natural repair mechanisms. For those focused on fitness, Designs for Sport, Glutamine Powder can be a valuable addition to your regimen, as it contributes to muscle growth and strength. It’s recognized for its potential in preserving muscle tissue, acting as a foundational element for protein synthesis, and serving as a precursor for muscle development.