Designs for Sport, Betaine HCl


Designs for Sport, Betaine HCl delivers betaine hydrochloride along with pepsin, potentially aiding protein digestion and promoting assimilation, all while being mindful of specific health considerations.

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Designs for Sport, Betaine HCl, featuring 750 mg of betaine hydrochloride per capsule, accompanied by pepsin – a vital protein digestive enzyme produced within the stomach. Tailored to potentially support digestive function, Betaine HCl could be particularly helpful for those seeking to enhance their stomach’s natural digestion process. Consuming one capsule before meals may aid in the digestion of protein-rich foods, potentially facilitating nutrient assimilation. It’s important to note that Designs for Sport, Betaine HCl is not recommended for individuals diagnosed with ulcers, gastritis, or excessive acid production. Presented in capsule form, Betaine HCl is designed to ensure the targeted delivery of betaine HCl and pepsin directly to the stomach, where they play a crucial role in initiating the digestion process.