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DFH Complete Multi (with Copper + Iron) by Designs for Health


DFH Complete Multi (with Copper + Iron) 120 capsules


DFH Complete Multi with copper and iron

Full-spectrum multivitamin contains 500 mcg of vitamin K-1 (phytonadione), 50 mcg of vitamin K-2 (menaquinone), and 1000 IUs of vitamin D (increased from 500 IUs). It also features the best quality chelated minerals for maximum bioavailability including 8 mg of iron as ferrous bisglycinate chelate and 2 mg of copper as the stabilized copper glycinate chelate, so there is no risk of free copper in the body, which could cause oxidative stress.

  • High gamma tocopherol vitamin E
  • Natural mixed carotenoids from the palm tree fruit—the best source of preformed Vitamin A
  • A significant dose of all the B vitamins so easily depleted by stress (B12 in the ideal methylcobalamin form)
  • Calcium and magnesium in a 1:2 ratio
  • Selenium and iodine in balance since it is crucial that the body has both for healthy thyroid function
  • Additional supportive nutrients not typically found in multivitamins such as alpha lipoic acid, TMG, fruit bioflavonoids, choline and inositol
  • PABA-free

This is a powerhouse multi! Two capsules with each meal is recommended.