Digestzymes (90 caps) by Designs for Health


Digestzymes 90 Capsules Digestzymes is a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme designed to help you better digest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Digestzymes can help reduce gas and bloating after meals, and may also improve constipation



Did you know that when we heat food over 118F, the enzymes are destroyed? So unless you follow a raw food diet, you’re relying on your pancreas to produce all your necessary enzymes to digest food and you may not be producing enough, resulting in gas and bloating. Gross! Who wants that? Avoiding refined foods and sugar is one great step, and another is adding in a broad spectrum digestive enzyme that may help you digest protein, fat and carbs. Recommended if you have heartburn. Take 1-2 caps before a meal for best results, but during or after will be good too. This bottle comes with 90 capsules.