DIM-Evail (60 softgels) by Designs for Health


DIM-Evail (60 softgels) contain 100mg of diindolylmethane (DIM), a powerful compound that helps promote healthy estrogen metabolism. With DIM-Evail, you can support healthy estrogen metabolism and enjoy optimal absorption rates!


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What actions does DIM have on the body that make it beneficial to our health?

Research tells us that a low level of the 2-hydroxyestrone and a high level of 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone is associated with an enhanced risk of breast cancer. DIM increases 2-hydroxyestrone and therefore improves the 2/16 hydroxyestrone ratio, making it very protective for women and men at high risk for this condition.

DIM supplementation improves the estrogen ratio in a favorable direction that protects both men and women. DIM does not block ovulation, and can be used safely along with Tamoxifen.

DIM should be considered to support hormone imbalances that can lead to negative conditions such as PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroid tumors, menopausal symptoms, weight problems and the list goes on.

Recent research is positive so far that DIM improves weight loss resistance due to hormonal imbalance.

Is DIM hard to absorb?

Due to its crystalline structure, absorption of DIM when given orally simply as a powder in a capsule is minimal, similar to CoQ10. DIM absorption can be greatly enhanced by emulsifying it with lecithin in rice bran oil, including with it compounds that hold it in solution such as beeswax, and finally adding fat-soluble nutrients that aid absorption through the gut wall. DIM-Avail is a unique combination of such ingredients.

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