ElectroPure Hydration by Designs for Health

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ElectroPure Hydration by Designs of Health is a clementine-flavored, zero-sugar electrolyte drink mix that contains a broad spectrum of electrolytes to enhance hydration, electrolyte balance, athletic performance, and muscle function. ElectroPure Hydration restores water and electrolytes lost via sweating.

ElectroPure Hydration by Designs of Health has twice as many electrolytes as the leading electrolyte powder brand and nine times more than the leading sports drink. It contains sodium and potassium in a 1:1 ratio for more efficient, balanced electrolyte replacement. It contains D-ribose, a crucial component in ATP synthesis that promotes cellular energy production, as well as vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that aids in post-exercise recovery. It may benefit people who exercise, live or work in warm climates, use saunas, or have occasional diarrhea.

Product Alternative: ElectroPure Hydration

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