Ferrochel Iron Chelate by Designs for Health


Ferrochel Iron Chelate (120 capsules) Experience the power of Ferrochel®, a highly effective iron supplement designed to optimize your body’s iron levels. With its unique ferrous bisglycinate chelate form, Ferrochel® ensures superior absorption and bioavailability, delivering iron precisely where your body needs it most. Unlike other iron supplements, Ferrochel® has been proven to minimize the risk of constipation or gastric upset, making it gentle on your digestive system. Elevate your overall health with Ferrochel® and enjoy the benefits of improved oxygen transport, enhanced cellular energy metabolism, strengthened immune function, balanced thyroid activity, and optimal enzymatic reactions.




Did you know iron is important for immune, heart and brain health? Unfortunately many people experience stomach upset (like nausea) or constipation from typical iron supplements, but with this true chelate from Designs for Health, Ferrochel® you won’t have to worry about that anymore. It also won’t block absorption of other minerals, and provides iron replenishment for a variety of uses:

Take during menstruation (1 cap/daily) to prevent anemia and related fatigue

Recovering from malabsorption due to Celiac, Chron’s or other GI issues