Fx Chocolate Defend (30 Count) by Designs for Health


Fx Chocolate Defend 30 Count Chocolate

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Fx Chocolate Defend is a synergistic blend of dark chocolate and mushroom polysaccharides for enhanced cellular protection that supports energy and immune health. Fx Defend contains 250 mg of GanoUltra: three individually extracted strains of full-spectrum organic reishi mushrooms for sustained energy and mind- and body-balancing properties. GanoUltra contains beta-glucans, one of the most abundant forms of polysaccharides found inside the cell walls of fungi that exhibit benefits to both the innate and adaptive branches of the immune system. Fx Chocolate® contains zero grams of sugar and is sweetened with allulose, a sweetening agent that is found in jackfruit, figs, and raisins, with no bitterness or unpleasant aftertaste.

Recommended Use: Consume 1 square of Fx Chocolate® Defend once per day. Do not exceed 2 squares per day.