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Take DNA from a simple cheek swab to discover how to hack your health. Includes a private consultation with a nutritionist to review your results. There are also vitamins that can be custom blended to your DNA, health goals and medications. It will even take into account imbalances created by taking certain medications. Find out the shortcuts you can take to lose the weight and feel better.

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Trying to lose weight? Wish you knew if you were on the right track with how you’re eating and exercising? Take the Cambiati Wellness Genetic Test and get a comprehensive plan for eating and exercising to increase your weight loss and exercise efforts tailored specifically to your DNA. Come take the test and learn how your body predisposition for nutrient deficiencies or overproduction, how to eat and exercise for optimum weight loss, how your body uses fat for energy, and how to make your body healthier!

This comprehensive test gives you a comprehensive guide on your body. It also includes a private session with a Nutritionist to go over the results. You can ask questions and together will go over your specific Action Guide for how to reach your goals.

Once we have results vitamins and supplements can be blended to your lifestyle goals, and DNA. These get shipped directly to your house monthly. There is a separate monthly charge for these and we don’t have the online capabilities to add this option so if you are interested please call 925-280-4442 or email

Finally get the key to your weight loss and wellness success!