GI Revive Capsules by Designs for Health

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We LOVE GI Revive! It’s one of our favorite products for transforming your gut into a nutrient-loving superstar. It provides foundational support for your GI system–the starting point for overall health and well-being. Our ability to absorb vitamins and minerals depends on a healthy and strong gut, and the lining of our digestive tract must have proper permeability to also keep out toxins, allergens and microbes from entering into the bloodstream. GI Revive is the answer.

The blend of soothing herbs and other potent ingredients work together to offer therapeutic benefits for the repair and strengthening of the gut lining. This special supplement also fights inflammation, boosts our gut immunity and and promotes intestinal regularity. It comes in capsules and a powder to suit all needs.

GI Revive is a fabulous start to fixing your digestive challenges and if you have been struggling with gas, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, or stomach pain then you should also consider a Gut Microbiome test to see if there is a hidden cause to your symptoms. This bottle has 210 capsules total.

Form: Capsules

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