Ginger-Tussin Syrup by Designs for Health


Experience the benefits of Designs for Health Ginger-Tussi Syrup (4 fl oz), an herbal syrup supporting immune function and occasional cough, made with organic ginger, lovage, and wild cherry bark.

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Naturally soothe a sore throat and support the immune system

Ginger-Tussin Syrup combines herbs which both soothe the throat and support the immune system. Ginger’s natural properties help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and break up mucus. Wild cherry bark, ginger, and honey help reduce coughing. Ginger, Lovage and Cherry Bark also contain bioactive compounds that support antioxidant status and immune function, making this syrup a soothing and effective natural remedy for cough and immune support.

This formula can be taken on its own or mixed into tea during cold and flu season.