Grape Seed Supreme by Designs for Health


Grape Seed Supreme (60 capsules) Discover the remarkable benefits of Grape Seed Supreme™, a powerful health supplement derived from grape skin and seed extracts. Packed with polyphenols and anthocyanins, this unique formula is designed to promote overall well-being by supporting vital aspects of your health. Experience enhanced brain function, revitalized skin, and improved blood vessel health with Grape Seed Supreme™. Crafted with a special blend of whole grape extract, grape skin powder, and the renowned MegaNatural®-BP grape seed extract, this supplement harnesses the extensive benefits observed in studies on various grape and wine extracts.



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This is a truly exciting and powerful product containing generous amounts of the most well researched whole grape compounds that contain numerous polyphenols and anthocyanins including resveratrol. It also contains an extremely bioavailable grape seed extract shown to have greater absorption than other extracts. This is due to a unique technology that binds it to a phospholipid known for its ability to emulsify and carry nutrients into the cells. You can’t go wrong adding this whole food supplement loaded with protective nutrients supplied by nature to your toughest protocols. The ingredients chosen for this powerful polyphenol product from grapes are backed by human clinical trials.