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Immune Support Packets by Designs for Health


Immune Support Packets (30 packet supply) offer a convenient and effective way to boost your immune system. This kit contains five distinct immune system supporting formulations in one convenient packet. The combined ingredients provide antioxidants, medicinal mushrooms, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin B6, and other vitamins, minerals and compounds to aid the body’s natural immune defenses. With Immune Support Packets, you can easily support your immune health and stay healthy all year round.


An all-encompassing, comprehensive arsenal of immune-supportive herbs and nutrients to help build a strong defense during the cold and flu season.

One Immune Support Packet contains:
Immunitone Plus – 4 capsules
Vitamin D Complex – 1 capsule
Stellar C 1 capsule
Zinc Supreme – 1 capsule
N-Acetyl Cysteine  1 capsule

Immune Support Packets may:

  • Provide antibacterial and antiviral support
  • Support white blood cell production (the body’s army)
  • Support lymphocyte production, including natural killer (NK) cells, T cells, B cells
  • Support cytokine synthesis, such as interleukin-10
  • Raise glutathione levels (antioxidant involved in regulating the body’s immune response)
  • Prevent pulmonary infections including respiratory tract infection
  • Reduce age-related decline in the immune system
  • Protect cell membranes from potential pathogens
  • Support healthy function of the thymus gland