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DISCONTINUED – ImmunoSpore by Designs for Health


This product supports the gut and the immune system with a spore-based probiotic, which is a soil-based microorganism that’s found in dirt and other vegetation. Don’t let that scare you off—its ability to coat itself in protein enables it to survive the harsh environment of the digestive system and end up in the small intestine where it converts into an active and beneficial bacteria. Cool, huh? One bottle has 30 capsules total.


This probiotic is different from other forms of beneficial bacteria. Made up of spores found in dirt and other live plant matter, it is hardy enough to withstand the low pH of the stomach and works its magic by making its way to the small intestine where it produces enzymes, vitamins and carotenoids to boost immunity and support healthy digestion. This synergistic blend also includes Solarplast, an extract of spinach that helps the body activate anti-aging properties; beta glucan, a soluble fiber that increases immune cell function; and vitamin C and zinc, two nutrients necessary for ideal immune function in the body. This two-for-one combination works on increasing immune system capacity while also helping to regulate digestive function. It’s also a great option if you’re currently taking antibiotics, as the spores are able to protect themselves from damage from these potent chemical compounds—which allows you to feel better more quickly.