Inflammatone (240 caps) by Designs for Health


Inflammatone (240 capsules) is a carefully formulated blend of potent herbs, essential nutrients, and powerful proteolytic enzymes. Working together harmoniously, these ingredients have been chosen to effectively modulate the body’s inflammatory response.


Have aches and pains and wish you didn’t have to take so much aspirin?

Inflammatone™ is a wonderful natural alternative to typical NSAIDs. It’s full of powerful anti-inflammatory herbs and antioxidants, like turmeric, ginger, boswellin extract, quercetin, rutin and rosemary exract.

What makes Inflammatone so special?

Inflammatone fights inflammation by working on many different inflammatory pathways, rather than just one, as do the typical NSAIDs like VIOXX and Celebrex. Like aspirin, Inflammatone has a mild blood thinning effect, however unlike aspirin, Inflammatone is not severely irritating to the GI tract.

Tired of relying on aspirin for your aches and pains? Look no further than Inflammatone, a fantastic natural alternative to traditional NSAIDs. Packed with potent anti-inflammatory herbs and antioxidants like turmeric, ginger, boswellin extract, quercetin, rutin, and rosemary extract, Inflammatone offers a unique approach to fighting inflammation.

What sets Inflammatone apart? Unlike NSAIDs such as VIOXX and Celebrex that target a single inflammatory pathway, Inflammatone works on multiple pathways simultaneously. Similar to aspirin, it possesses a mild blood-thinning effect. However, unlike aspirin, Inflammatone is gentle on the gastrointestinal tract, minimizing irritation.

Crafted with care, Inflammatone combines specialized proteolytic enzymes, polyphenols, and botanical extracts to harness the body’s innate ability to respond to inflammation. Whether inflammation arises from physical trauma, dietary factors, or environmental exposures, it’s a natural bodily response.

When taken on an empty stomach, the proteolytic enzymes in Inflammatone assist in breaking down damaged tissue, facilitating the body’s healing process. Centuries-old ingredients like curcumin, ginger, and Boswellia help regulate the production of inflammatory compounds. Additionally, phytonutrients found in quercetin, rutin, resveratrol, and rosemary offer cellular protection against oxidative stress.

By promoting a healthy inflammatory response and supporting antioxidant levels, Inflammatone’s powerful ingredients may aid in managing inflammatory conditions, injuries, and postoperative tissue repair.

Discover the benefits of Inflammatone today and embrace a healthier, more balanced approach to inflammation management.

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