DISCONTINUED – IonicMag 500 by Designs for Health


Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued but there may be some stock left.  Please call 925-280-4442 to check inventory.


Are you looking for a potent and bioavailable magnesium supplement? Are you facing pill fatigue? Give IonicMag 500 from Designs for Health a go! Another bonus of this liquid ionic magnesium supplement is that it comes from a natural source…how much more natural could it get coming from the oldest inland sea in the world!? The Great Salt Lake in the U.S. state of Utah to be specific!

Magnesium is a very underestimated and lesser known micronutrient, mineral, and electrolyte. As a enzyme cofactor this essential nutrient serves the body’s metabolism in over 300 reactions! Talk about an underappreciation! As magnesium is in its ionic form it is easily bioavailable and transportable as a salt that can dissolve in and be carried by water. To be more specific about what magnesium is useful and necessary for includes: carbohydrate breakdown, electrolyte function, bone composition, neurological function, muscle function, cardio function, and psychological function.