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LibidoStim-M by Designs for Health


LibidoStim-M 60 capsules

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Natural Support for Enhanced Male Sexual Desire and Function

LibidoStim-M now features:

AlivEL 100 (Eurycoma longifolia) – helps maintain normal testosterone levels, important for supporting sexual desire and fertility (sperm concentration/motility), as well as mood and energy.

AlivEL 100 works by affecting the Luteinizing Hormone, and is very specific as to which hormone derivatives it affects. It works to increase testosterone, but not 5a-dihydrotestosterone, which could cause aromatization (conversion) to estrogen. It also helps to increase free testosterone (FT) over bound testosterone (BT), a notable difference because BT is not bioavailable and in high levels may be associated with prostate cancer.

AlivEL 100 is a highly potent, highly effective standardized extract processed through proprietary water extraction. It is freeze-dried without carriers to yield 100% pure concentrated bioactive compounds at the most stable state.

Additional Highlights:

  • Peruvian maca (Lepedium meyenii) – researched extensively for its aphrodisiac properties and has been shown to increase sexual desire without significantly altering levels of serum reproductive hormones.
  • DIM and chrysin – safely manage increased testosterone levels by favorably influencing aromatase activity and reducing the potential of testosterone being converted to estrogen.
  • Ginkgo biloba – provides improved blood flow for enhanced performance and enjoyment
  • Phosphatidylcholine – for increased absorption and bioavailability

Note: Arginine is not present in this product and is recommended as a separate supplement at higher dosing than is possible from a formulary encapsulated product such as LibidoStim-M.