LV-GB Complex by Designs for Health


LV-GB (Liver and Gallbladder) Complex (90 capsules) offers nutritional assistance to the gallbladder and liver with bile flow and storage, and detoxification support. It’s an important supplement for those who have had their gallbladder removed.



Do you feel bloated and gassy after eating a high-fat meal? Has your gallbladder been removed?

LV-GB Complex promotes liver and gallbladder function by supporting bile flow as well as optimal processing and elimination of toxins. LV-GB also aids in optimal digestion and in the assimilation of fat soluble vitamins.

One cap is included in each Detox Support Pack, but this may be used on its own for basic detoxification support. For comprehensive detoxification support, we recommend Detox Support Packets, which contain LV-GB in addition to Amino-DTox and Detox Antiox.

On its own, LV-GB Complex is a product that aims to provide nourishment and support for the liver and gallbladder, both of which play an essential role in our bodies. The liver is vital for overall good health. It performs numerous responsibilities such as detoxification, protein and fatty acid synthesis, blood sugar regulation, hormone balance, and digestion. Because the liver supports almost all other systems in the human body, we need to maintain its healthy functioning for optimal vitality. One of the primary liver functions is the production and release of bile, which aids in the digestion of fats by breaking them down into tiny droplets, making them easier for enzymes to work on. Bile is primarily stored in the gallbladder, which also helps regulate its flow. Consuming dietary fat triggers the gallbladder to release bile when necessary. Individuals who have undergone gallbladder removal surgery may still produce bile, but its secretion may not always be sufficient for the timing and quantity of fat in their meals.

The nutrients in this supplement, such as milk thistle, powdered beetroot, artichoke, and vitamins B6 and B12, support detoxification in the liver and encourage healthy bile flow. This is significant because the accumulation of bile can lead to difficulties in digesting fats, which may ultimately affect the gallbladder’s functioning in the long run.

Get back to enjoying healthy fats with LV-GB!

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