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L-Lysine (120 capsules) is a crucial amino acid that is necessary for growth and tissue repair, playing a vital role in the regular production of hormones, enzymes, and antibodies. Moreover, Lysine acts as a precursor to L-carnitine, an amino acid derivative that facilitates the proper metabolism of fatty acids for energy production within the body.

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Each two-capsule serving of this product contains 1.5g of lysine in its free form, making it rapidly available for absorption and metabolic use. Lysine is an essential amino acid that is vital for healthy growth and tissue repair, as well as hormone, antibody, and enzyme production. It is instrumental in the formation of collagen, a critical substance for bones and connective tissues such as skin, tendons, and cartilage.

Since lysine is an essential amino acid, it must be obtained through diet or supplementation since the body cannot produce it. Failure to consume adequate amounts of lysine may lead to protein degradation, including muscle. Unlike fats and carbohydrates, excess amino acids are not stored in the body. Thus, essential amino acids should be consumed daily for optimal health. While lysine is abundantly found in red meat and other protein sources, it can be challenging for individuals with dietary restrictions, athletes, and vegetarians to consume sufficient amounts.

Lysine also acts as a precursor to L-carnitine, which facilitates the conversion of fatty acids into energy. In cases where L-carnitine levels are low, lysine supplementation can increase its production, allowing for more effective use of fatty acids for energy production. Adequate lysine levels are crucial for the immune system since it is involved in antibody production. Therefore, lysine supplementation can help support a healthy immune response.

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