Metabolic Synergy (180 caps) by Designs for Health


Metabolic Synergy 180 capsules


Do you have blood sugar regulation issues? Or do blood sugar issues run in your family?

Metabolic Synergy helps the body balance out-of-control glucose levels and is perfect for people with metabolic syndrome, like insulin resistance, high blood pressure and overweight. It provides the right nutrients to help the body burn glucose for energy, which means less glucose in the blood.

The nutrients in Metabolic Synergy help your body convert carbohydrates to energy, lower glucose, leptin and insulin levels and can help prevent health problems associated with out-of-control sugar levels, like neuropathy, kidney or blood vessel damage, and more. It can also help avoid nutritional deficiencies caused by too high glucose/insulin levels.

Normalizing blood sugar can help reduce the risk of diabetes-related issues, lower risk of heart problems, reduce risk of tumors, decrease water retention, and mean less fat storage and easier fat release.