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Metal-X-Synergy by Designs for Health


Metal-X-Synergy™ from Designs for Health is a powerful formula designed to support the body to detoxify toxic metals, including aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. Metal-X Synergy has a specialized blend of minerals, antioxidants, and detoxifying botanicals that work together to reduce the heavy metal burden without the common side effects found in synthetic chelating agents. It supports the body’s detoxification and helps to remove metals and improves the antioxidant status for optimal health. We are all exposed to heavy metals so Metal-X-Synergy 90 capsules is great way to detoxify if you suspect that heavy metals are the cause of your health challenges.


Metal-X-Synergy is a natural formula designed to help safely shed the body burden of toxic metals such as aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury without many of the common side effects found with the use of harsh synthetic chelating agents.

Metal-X-Synergy may be useful for:

  • Safe detoxification of heavy metals
  • Heavy metal testing as a provocation agent

Metal-X-Synergy contains a wide array of ingredients which include modified citrus pectin, modified alginate complex, N-acetyl-cysteine, cilantro, garlic, fulvic acid, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, and organic chlorella (as broken cell wall chlorella to unlock its benefits and allows for greater bioavailability). These all work together to decrease the total heavy metal burden, blocking the initial absorption of metals into the body’s tissues and organs, pulling them out more effectively, and also helping to block their reabsorption through enterohepatic recirculation.

PectaSol-C and Algimate – a combination for healthy chelation

Metal-X-Synergy contains patented complexes of modified citrus pectin (PectaSol-C) and alginate (Algimate), two polyuronides, which are naturally occurring complex polysaccharides. These polysaccharides work together to safely remove heavy metals without depleting essential minerals from the body.

  • Modified Citrus Pectin as PectaSol-C: Pectin is a polysaccharide found in the cell wall of many citrus fruits. While normally pectin is too large to work at the cellular level, PectaSol-C was developed using a unique proprietary process which allows for the correct low molecular weight and structure of pectin necessary for it to chelate to toxic metals.
  • Modified Alignate Complex as Algimate: Alginates are the carbohydrates that make up the cell wall of seaweed and have the distinct capability to bind heavy metals to their own molecules. Alginates work mainly in the gastrointestinal tract to prevent the reabsorption of toxins as they are being pulled from tissues.

Note: It is recommended that Metal-X-Synergy be taken two hours before or after any medications or other supplements