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NeuroCalm by Designs for Health


NeuroCalm 60 capsules


Don’t sweat the small things, just relax! Ever heard those words or other phrases talking about stressing less or relaxing? Is it hard for you to relax and distress? If so, NeuroCalm could help you and your journey to dealing with everyday stress. NeuroCalm promotes activity of GABA and serotonin; may help improve mood, reduce cravings, and support greater feelings of calm, satiety, and satisfaction. NeuroCalm should be considered for patients with increased levels of stress and anxiety, individuals who are easily agitated and frustrated, those with documented deficiencies in the neurotransmitters supported by NeuroCalm, and anyone with chronic global pain conditions. So go ahead and attack your day! Because NeuroCalm will be there to help you with any stress you may face!