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OcuForce Blue 60 capsules

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OcuForce Blue provides a blend of macular-supportive nutrients and antioxidants targeted to help promote our eyes’ natural ability to filter blue light, limiting irritation associated with screen-time exposure. Ingredients like carotenoids and botanicals, lutein, zeaxanthin, ginkgo, bilberry, astaxanthin, and vitamin E isomers work together to protect the eyes from blue light damage and to support healthy vision from the teenage years through adulthood.

What is blue light? It’s a high-energy, short wavelength visible light emitted from several sources, including the sun, indoor lighting and digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs. This type of light can penetrate deep within the eye and has the potential to damage the retinal structures through free radical production in the retinal cells. Short-term exposure can present in symptoms like eye strain and fatigue, and head and neck aches.  Long-term exposure is more serious and can manifest as a slow degradation of visual acuity, function, and retinal damage.

We advocate wearing blue light filters on our glasses too as additional protection, but protecting yourself from the inside out is wise and can make a huge difference in preventing long-term eye damage.