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OcuForce by Designs for Health


OcuForce 60 capsules

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Comprehensive ocular nutrition to ensure optimal eye health?
Improved OcuForce provides a broad spectrum of nutrients specifically selected for their proven benefits to eye health:

    • Mixed carotenoids along with preformed vitamin A naturally sourced from palm tree fruit. Patients in poor health may have difficulty converting beta carotene into vitamin A. For this reason, we felt it important to include preformed vitamin A.
    • Folic acid has been removed since most people are getting over 800 mcg per day in fortified foods.
    • We increased the riboflavin and methylcobalamin since they are crucial for healthy homocysteine metabolism. Research tells us that high homocysteine levels aggravate many eye conditions.
    • OcuForce still features therapeutic doses of lutein and zeaxanthin esters, shown to be better absorbed than their non-esterified counterparts.
    • The bilberry in OcuForce is from MirtoSelect, standardized to 36% anthocyanins, shown in research to work 2-4 times better than placebo at improving ocular fatigue, dimming eyesight, and vision with sparks.
    • Taurine is present, as deficiency of Taurine has been shown to lead to retinal degeneration. Taurine supplementation has been used with some success to prevent, treat and stabilize retinal changes.