OsteoForce Supreme by Designs for Health


OsteoForce Supreme (180 capsules) is a blend of  vitamins and minerals formulated to support healthy bones with superior bioavailability.

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Features the identical comprehensive array of bone-supportive nutrients found in our standard OsteoForce, along with an increased level of vitamin D (2000 IU) as well as the addition of vitamin K2 and the bone-building protein MBP (Milk Basic Protein)

MBP – support for increasing bone density

MBP is a multifunctional, natural protein present in trace amounts in human and bovine milk whose main role is to assist the body in its ability to form bone and increase bone density. MBP helps reinforce bones, making them more receptive to calcium while working to prevent excess calcium from being liberated from the bones. MBP accomplishes this by helping to increase the number of bone-forming osteoblastic cells while regulating the activity of bone-destroying osteoclastic cells, and thus is a significant part of bone’s remodeling process.

MBPs are derived from the whey portion of milk protein, therefore this product should be well-tolerated by anyone with allergies/sensitivities to lactose or casein. Those with whey allergies/sensitivities may want to support their bone health with OsteoForce.

OsteoForce Supreme may benefit:

  • Osteoporosis/Osteopenia/Serious bone degeneration
  • Fractured bones consider combining with TRF 150 for cartilage rebuilding

Additional Highlights of OsteoForce Supreme

  • OsteoForce Supreme supplies the necessary bone-rebuilding vitamins and minerals in their most absorbable forms. The chelates are not only absorbed better than mineral salts, but they are retained better in body tissue (such as bone).
    • Vitamin D (2000 IU) helps facilitate calcium absorption in the intestine by stimulating the synthesis of calcium-binding protein as well as being involved in bone turnover. A substantial proportion of patients with hip fractures also have osteomalacia, caused by vitamin D deficiency.
  • Vitamin K is a coenzyme for matrix Gla protein (MGP), a potent inhibitor of arterial calcification which safely directs calcium in the body. OsteoForce Supreme contains a generous 1050 mcg of vitamin K, with 1000 mcg K1 and 50 mcg K2. While K1, the naturally occurring form of vitamin K in vegetables, does promote optimal function of the Gla proteins it is K2 that is the highly bioavailable, long-lasting form. Poor conversion of K1 to K2 in some people makes the inclusion of K2 very important.

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