VegeCleanse Plus Detox Program (14-day Detox) by Designs for Health


VegeCleanse Plus Detox Program 14 day kit


Always busy and find your detox hard to stick with? Detox in a Box to the rescue!

While the results from our full 28-day CambiatiCleanse are always amazing, we don’t always have the time or commitment to fit it into our schedules. Think of this as your “14 Day DETOX in a BOX” fairy godmother, here to take care of all your problems. It’s the perfect prep for (or recovery from) vacation.

This is BETTER TASTING than ever and the convenient on-the-go packets makes sticking to your detox super easy.
What comes in the DETOX BOX?

  • * 28 single-serving protein packs that you dump right into your shake — that’s enough for two shakes per day for two weeks
  • * Extra digestive and detox support to keep you feeling great It’s fast, easy and convenient, wherever you are!