PaleoGreens (Unflavored) by Designs for Health


Eating leafy greens and high-antioxidant vegetables and fruits is key to good health, but isn’t always easy in our busy lives. Just one serving of PaleoGreens delivers the equivalent to one serving of fruitsand vegetables in a convenient powder that mixes quickly and easily into your favorite beverage. It can be combined with juice, smoothies, protein shakes, or even just plain water.

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Your parents always told you to eat your vegetables, right? So now as an adult, are you getting your recommended servings of vegetables? And no, French fries don’t count! Well there is a great tasting easy way to get your greens. You can enjoy the benefits like sustained energy, mental clarity and enhanced recovery from Paleogreens. PaleoGreens makes it easy to increase our intake of health-promoting nutrients from vegetables and greens, including antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Paleogreens by Designs for Health is packed with natural ingredients like spirulina, chlorella, kelp, wheatgrass and more – all sourced from organic farms. Plus, it’s free of artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives. Adding Paleogreens to your daily routine helps support a healthy immune system and vibrant energy level.

Choose unflavored as a great additive to shakes or lemon-lime if you like a little pizzazz! Just 2 teaspoons of PaleoGreens delivers the phytonutrient equivalent to 4 servings of vegetables!

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