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PaleoGreens (Unflavored) by Designs for Health


PaleoGreens Unflavored 270 g (9.5 oz) powder

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Your parents always to you to eat your vegetables, so are you? Did you get your recommended servings of vegetables? And no, French fries don’t count! Well there is a great tasting way and easy way to get your greens! You can now enjoy the benefits that come with PaleoGreens, like sustained energy, mental clarity and enhanced recovery. And not only that, but PaleoGreens makes it easy to increase our intake of health promoting nutrients from vegetables and greens plus amazing grass. PaleoGreens Unflavored is a great additive to shakes or just on its own! Just 2 teaspoons of PaleoGreens delivers the phytonutrient equivalent to 4 servings of vegetables!