PaleoGreens (Lemon-Lime) by Designs for Health


PaleoGreens Lemon-Lime (270 g (9.5 oz) powder) is a truly remarkable greens powder that not only tastes great but also boasts an impressive 90% organic ingredient composition. What sets PaleoGreens apart is its commitment to preserving the natural vibrancy and nutritional value of its vegetable, fruit, and berry components.


Your parents always told you to eat your vegetables. How about as an adult yourself? Do you get your daily recommended servings of vegetables? And no, French fries don’t count!

Well, there is a great-tasting and easy way to get your greens! You can now enjoy the benefits that come with our favorite greens powder, PaleoGreens, like sustained energy, mental clarity and enhanced recovery. And not only that, but PaleoGreens makes it easy to increase our intake of health-promoting nutrients from vegetables and greens plus amazing grass. PaleoGreens Lemon Lime is a great-tasting boost to shakes or just on its own or mixed with C+ BioFizz for a kick! Mix it with PaleoReds and C+ Bio Fizz for a healthy and delicious drink! Just 2 teaspoons of PaleoGreens delivers the phytonutrient equivalent to 4 servings of vegetables!

This unique greens powder is packed with over 90% organic ingredients. In our fast-paced lives, it can be challenging to consume enough leafy greens and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Whether you prefer juice, smoothies, protein shakes, or plain water, PaleoGreens will seamlessly blend in. Our ancestors thrived on a diet rich in nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits, alongside animal protein, and minimal grains. However, modern diets have shifted towards excessive meat and grain consumption, leaving nutrient-packed plant foods behind. Even the vegetables we do consume are often limited to grains and legumes mistakenly categorized as vegetables. This skewed diet creates an imbalance in our bodies, resulting in a higher net acid load that may contribute to degenerative illnesses. PaleoGreens is specifically designed to restore the body’s balance of acidity and alkalinity, promoting optimal health. Say hello to vibrant wellness with a boost from PaleoGreens by Designs for Health.

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