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Probiotic Synergy (60 BIO-tract Probiospheres)


Probiotic Synergy? 60 BIO-tract Probiospheres; recommended shipping Cold Pack or Cooler Bag. Nonreturnable item.

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Designs for Health’s Probiotic Synergy™ uses the most advanced patented delivery and shelf stability technology available to ensure maximum potency and viability.  This is achieved using the latest techniques designed to protect fragile probiotic organisms from harsh stomach acid and deliver the highest number of live organisms to the intestinal tract.

With probiotics, it’s all about survival. Probiotic organisms must survive three critical barriers to be of benefit to the consumer – the manufacturing process, time on the shelf, and most importantly, survive transit through the acidic environment of the stomach.  The new Probiotic Synergy™ is formulated to handle all of the above, presented in moisture-resistant BIO-tract Probiospheres® that enhance stability and the ultimate delivery of probiotic organisms to the intestinal tract.

Regular consumption of probiotics may improve immune response and mucin production, as well as alleviate symptoms associated with diarrhea, constipation, dysbiosis, bacterial infections, and yeast overgrowth. Probiotics should also be considered during or after use of antibiotics.

This translates to better results – through increased levels of protected bacteria optimally released throughout the entire digestive tract.

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60 caps

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Store in a Cool, dry place.

Refrigeration is highly recommended, and will ensure maximum potency and shelf life. Organism potency will decrease slowly and can be accelerated through exposure to heat, humidity or direct sunlight.


Immune Support,Intestinal / Digestive Support


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Probiotic Synergy? 60 BIO-tract Probiospheres

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1 BIO-tract Probiosphere

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