Pulmonary Revive


Pulmonary Revive is currently on backorder across the country. If you want to save your place in line, order now. If you would like a free consultation with a nutritionist to go over alternatives, please call or text 925-280-4442.  Pulmonary Revive includes a blend of botanicals, mushrooms and nutrients to support lung function, and a healthy immune and inflammatory response. It’s an ideal formula for those who may have respiratory allergies and other conditions, are sensitive to smoke in the air, and those who are suffering with lung-related illnesses. One bottle has 120 capsules total.


With fire season in California and other parts of the west coast, virus-related lung effects and concerns, and allergies, the lungs are often needing additional support these days. Designs for Health has combined potent and powerful ingredients like cordyceps mushrooms, Boswellia and ginger–all of which have a history of use in traditional medicine–to boost antioxidants, reduce inflammation and thin mucus in the lungs. NAC is the body’s precursor to glutathione, known as our “master antioxidant.”

Great for traveling or boosting lung function right where you are, this formulation works synergistically to help make breathing easier and strengthen lung function while reducing symptoms of mucus buildup in the organ.