PurePea (Chocolate) by Designs for Health


Love PaleoMeal DF Vanilla but sometimes wish there was a chocolate version? PurePea Chocolate is the answer to your prayers! Use just like PaleoMeal in your favorite shakes. Great with Mint PaleoGreens! PurePea is easily digested and has a great well-balanced profile amino acids, similar to whey but dairy free! Great for athletes and anyone who is physically active. One canister has 450 g (1 lb) powder.

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Sometimes we just crave chocolate. And that’s okay! Because we have a great alternative to chowing down on a candy bar! PurePea Chocolate is a great way to get your chocolate fix as well as get a great serving of protein! This formula is pure pea protein and unlike our PaleoMeal, it does not have added vitamins and minerals so remember to take a multi vitamin with PurePea! PurePea has a great spectrum of amino acids that fulfills the essential amino acid requirements for adults. This product is great for athletes or anyone who is physically active! Mix with Mint PaleoGreens for a delicious Chocolate Mint shake and tell those craving to be gone!